July 17, 2009

Home Clothes

Do you change when you get home?

I remember a while back some guy told me that he thought that girls who dressed down when they arrive home was unattractive! The guy's a real dork! But I'd like a consensus about what you pretties wear when you are in the comfort of your own home.

For me, it depends on what I have scheduled after work. If I'm working out, I'd get into my sporty clothes the minute I put down my handbag, so I don't have time to talk myself out of a sweat session.

If I'm going to go to do the groceries, I'd throw on a t-shirt and jeans.

Otherwise, I'll get myself into my "weekend look", as BF calls it. My usual combo is one of my many tank tops + my favorite gray cargo bermudas.

I love my comfy clothes! If I could, I'd wear them to the office on casual Fridays!

What do you wear at home? Do you buy clothes to wear around the house or do you just wear old stuff dating back to your high school years? Your man's shirt? Your PJ's? And, for those who are secretly nudists, your birthday suit?

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