July 10, 2009

Note: It's Friday! ☼

Happy Friday, everyone! It finally feels like summer in Montreal and I'm wearing a white cotton skirt. With the unusually cool temperatures, I haven't gotten used to wearing airier and lighter outfits. I changed 3 skirts this morning!

First one hadn't been ironed yet. It's a tulip skirt but it looked more like a lily than a tulip, with all the creases.

Next, my gray Abercrombie tiered skirt - Too casual and also not ironed.

Finally, I chose my white cotton. It's still pretty casual, but what the heck! It's Friday! ☺

My conclusion is that I need to invest in a clothes steamer. After reading the mixed reviews online, I was reluctant to put down $100, but Stephanie at the front desk convinced me. She used to work in a boutique and she adored how practical a steamer was. So do I splurge?

My latest note-worthy item.

Club Monaco, Anouk Linen Sweater

It's on sale and the turquoise green is fantastically gorgeous on me. Problem is even stuff on sale at CM is still not cheap. I'll be dreaming of this for a while. Should I, shouldn't I??

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  1. You should definitely invest in a steamer. I have one and it's amazine. It's fast and super efficient. Plus you will neevr burn your clothes! do it do it! Check out Wal-Mart.


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