July 20, 2009

Pitfalls of Having Fashionable Friends

I love good style and fashion-sense. Hence I try to surround myself with pretties who wow my eyes. Seeing a slob makes my eyes itch, and in general I try to avoid it. Why torture myself? ^_~

And so my fashionable friends, I thank you for making our meetings enjoyable by adding points to my beauty-meter! You are absolutely lovely and please don't change. The world could use more cuties like you!

There's just one thing...

Hanging out together with my fashionable friends has made us style twins/triplets/quintuplets! By seeing each other's flawless sense of style, we unconsciously pick up the same looks. We note in our brains what we saw as beautiful and inadvertently choose similar items on the next shopping trip.

How many times have I ended up with the same pair of shoes as one of my fellow fashionista? The same dress? The same top? (And with Steph, we even have same clothes steamer! Yes, the purchase has been made. I need to practice more! Haha!)

At the office, there were three girls who owned the same skirt. They eventually began scheduling the wearings and texting each other in the morning to take turns.

It was fabulous skirt! No wonder they all bought it.

I believe that shopping at the same stores also factors in this style duplication.

The bottom line is do we need to shop in different stores in order to find items that are unique? Certainly if we all shopped at Holt Renfrew or Ogilvy, we'd never have this problem. At such high prices, cloning would be difficult.

Whether we do it consciously or not, "Qui se ressemble, s'assemble". And if we are reflections of each other, then Damn! We look gorgeous!

Do you get peeved or flattered when you and your friend own the same item?

Personally, I get flattered. :)

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  1. love it love it love it!!!! :) Keep it coming!


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