July 24, 2009

Purchase Report: Sandals

My favorite part about summer is Sandals! (And skirts and shorts... The list goes on!)

Summer = Sandals or open-toe shoes

I could go on forever about the beauty and genius of sandals, but I'll skip right ahead to showing off my latest babies. Added to the closet last week.

Sandals: Ailes de la mode


Wearing metallic footwear has been my signature look for years. Since they are staples in my wardrobe, they usually get beaten up pretty badly by fall. And I normally need to acquire a new pair every summer. With the gladiator trend still going strong into its sophomore year, it's difficult to find a brand that carry distinguished designs. Every store wants to be trendy and pushes the same product to the masses. Boring!

What made me fall in love with these babies, besides the lovely price, was that they looked more Grecian than gladiator. Much more Aphrodite than Ares.

I had a hard time finding stuff in my closet that would go with the strappy fighter flats.

Black gladiator sandals + Any pencil skirt = Fashion faux pas, in my book

Commuting in 3-4 inch heels is not fun. So my solution was to get feminine flats. Not an easy task. It took a whole month, but mission finally accomplished! I cannot be happier!

What are your views on the gladiator sandals trend?

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  1. I love your sandals. U're right, they are more grecian than gladiator and that's what i love. Some of the gladiator sandals that are supposedly in style are horrible and are a fashion faux pas in my book. I'm talking about those gladiator sandals that have straps going all around the legs up until the calves! Warriors in the city? i think not!
    Love ur sandals!


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