July 23, 2009

Shopaholic Emails

Wynn [2:32 PM]:
I bought a new dress for my friends' wedding!
What do you think? I got it in purplish-pink.
*** WARNING: SPOILER! I might be wearing this to my friend's wedding in 2 weeks. ***

Shopaholic Sister [3:57 PM]:
nice dress! but how's the wedding? is it fancy? indoor? outdoor?

Wynn [4:03 PM]:
The ceremony will be at the Botanical garden. And the reception will be in Chinatown.
I think it'll formal, but not too stuffy.

The dress was on sale! I was going to pay reg price!
The purplish-pink has gray flowers, so it looks better with a black belt. I'll take a picture tonight.

Darn it, this purchase pushed my Marc Jacobs bag further into the future! LOL

Shopaholic Sister [4:06 PM]:
you need to get the purse. that's your mission. don't get sidetracked! :P

Wynn [4:51 PM]:
I think I have shopping A.D.D!!!

Shopaholic Sister [5:10PM]:
i'm on withdrawl!!!!

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  1. hihihi...focus on the purse...focus! :p


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