July 28, 2009

Shopping Budget

This is not a surprise to many of you: I've been a shopaholic for years.

But here is something you might not have known: In the past decade, I have lived 2 stressful and sleepless years in poverty. My entire puny paycheck was used to foot the rent, the grocery and electricity bills. Nothing was left for fun little trinkets. It was hard. I was an addict gone cold turkey. I was literally cold too, my winter jacket wasn't warm enough but I couldn't afford a toastier one. Yeah, life was hard. (And the memory so distant...)

Then gradually, a series of events brought me back to fiscal comfort. At first, I bought anything on sale. Who cared if it wasn't my colour? I just wanted brand new fuzz-free stuff!

After the binge, you always feel guilty. And I did, big time. Worse of all, I didn't like half the stuff that I freshly owned. Morning rituals of deciding what to wear were strikingly difficult. Everything was only so-so. And so I passed a shopping decree:

Shop a lot, but buy sparingly. Buy only if you absolutely adore the item. When a new item is added to the closet, 2 must go to charity.

It worked. Now my closet is full of stuff that I love. I still have a hard time deciding what to wear in the morning. But this time is because I have too much choice. ♥

Work in progress - The closet is being remodeled

To control the shopaholic, I gave myself a budget of $50 per week as "pocket money". That means, aside from the cost of living, I can have a little fun too.

And since I decided to acquire a designer handbag (and possibly go on a NYC shopping trip in November), I'm going save the pocket money.

This is the first time that I save to buy anything big. Even if money isn't tight like it was during those two distant years, I want to savour the feeling of finally achieving my goal. So far I have gone one week without spending any of my pocket money. It's only Tuesday and I have already resisted a $79 Rudsak handbag and a bunch of cheap jewelry from H&M.

On July 30, I have to resist the Banana sale. Wish me luck!

[Shopping Account: $50]

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  1. I found that one way to save a lot of money is to not work in downtown. I remember spending $150 in one lunch hour when i worked in downtown. Now that I work in Kirkland and literally next to the highway with no stores around, I am hardly spending any of my hard earned money. The most i spend in a day is possibly $1.15 for a bag of ringolos at the vending machine. -Joey


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