July 11, 2009

What's for breakfast?

Rise and shine! ☺

Unlike a lot of people, I don't need a lot of sleep. In fact, I have tried for many years to sleep in during the weekends, but I have never been able to pass 9AM.

Last night was not different. I went to bed at a customary late hour for a Friday night and, thanks to my fine tuned internal-clock, I woke up at my usual weekday hour of 6:20AM. Don't feel sorry for me, I'm not tired at all. In fact, I like early Saturday morning web browsing.

All that waking up business has made me hungry. So what's for breakfast, honey? (BF will be cooking this morning.)

French Toast, with maple syrup and cinnamon (by BF)

With cheese, bowl of fruit, and coffee (by Wynn)

[This is a BF recipe, which means cooking "with feeling".]

3 slices of bread
2 large eggs
A bit of milk (my guess is 3 tablespoons)
pinch of salt
some sugar (about twice the amount of salt)

Fry in pan at medium heat until brown.

French Toasting tips:
  • To soften the bread, you need a bit of milk (Only egg will make a hard tile!)
  • To counter the sogginess of milk, salt and sugar help.
  • Salt and sugar make the toasts rise and fluff up.
  • Put on some jazzy music, it makes cooking fun!
What are you having for breakfast?

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