August 06, 2009

Banana Fever

Great news, my will power is stronger than I thought! I'm into my 3rd week of expense resistance and I've saved every penny!

Today leaving Banana Republic damage-free was kind of challenging. Part of the Fall 2009 Collection has already arrived on the shelves and I love everything! Good thing Shopaholic Sister was there to keep me chatting and distracted from spending! Thanks!! ☺

Although my wardrobe is pretty complete, I am missing a couple of career-nutritious pieces. I need a suit. I never had one, but I yearned for one for years. My problem was always the cut. I must have tried on at least 75 blazers in my lifetime and none of them pass the test. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting jacket!

A blazer may translate as office chic, but if the cut is wrong and/or the material is low quality, it will only send the message of sloppiness.

You'd be amazed by how small details, such as thread and cut, can change a whole look. My advice for the recessionista is tailoring. Get that bargain pant or shirt fitted by a tailor and you'll look like a million bucks! I kid you not!

And so I have finally found the perfect jacket at Banana, no tailoring needed! I felt the confidence run like electricity in my veins as I spun in front of the store mirror. I felt like a true career woman!

Banana Republic Lightweight wool blazer
Italian Woven Tread

The only problem is my puny salary won't allow such extravaganza. The acquisition of this beauty would equate to parting with a limb.

Here are some more career forward eye-candies:

Wish listed [Future Bday gift?]

[Shopping Account: $100]

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