August 07, 2009

Celeb Quote - I love it!!

This has nothing to with fashion, but is 100% the meaning of feeling fabulous!

"Abs are for people with no friends."
Eric Bana, explaining that there are other things he'd rather do than crunches, to Access Hollywood

Cute attitude!

I believe that beauty is fundamentally influenced by our attitude. Confidence is sexy. Kindness makes the soul glow from within. Friendliness and openness are attractive.

I love fitness. In fact, that's where I get my endorphin highs. :P
But that's not what rules my life. I work out for health, for self-pride, and for discipline and accomplishment. These are all things that make me feel better about myself from the inside out.

What is the one thing that never fails to make you feel fabulous?


  1. I know exercise gives you endorphins, but i choose to get my endorphins from sex. And meow...Eric Bana.


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