August 04, 2009

Stylish Wedding

This weekend was a couple of old friends' wedding. I have known the 2 of them before they even knew each other. And the sight of her walking down the aisle brought tears of joy to my eyes. She was just so breathtakingly gorgeous! BF who was in charge of our camera was so awe-struck that he just stared. He even forgot to rise from his crouching position when she walked by! He's such a cutie!

For some unknown reason, she and I had lost touch for the past 2 years. But I was delighted when she got my email address through a mutual friend and reconnected with me.

I must confess that I knew there would also be people at her wedding that I haven't seen for more than 2 years. And so, me being me, I needed to make my resurfacing fashionably unforgettable. Plus, I needed to distinguish myself away from my 2 years of style misery.

Yes, my vanity got the better of me, but what kind of girl doesn't want to look fabulous? ;P

No need to worry, I would never up my flamboyance enough to upstart the bride on her big day. All eyes were on her.

The wedding dress that changed my mind about wedding dresses.

I'm not kidding. I generally don't like big poofy white dresses that make the bride look like a cream puff pastry. Dressing up as dessert is a fashion no-no. Dessert should be on a plate to be eaten. Her dress was just radiant! Not too puffy and not too creamy. Just right.

The ceremony took place the the Botanical Garden and I dressed for the part.

My Brit Garden Party Look

The hat completed the look. If you have no idea how much the Brits favor hats, I strongly urge you to see Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Later at the reception, I decided to be less demure and showed some leg, along with 4-inch stiletto mules.

BF's suit made my eyes sparkle!
Too handsome for words! ♥

Princess Bride

This event has been a sweet treat for my eyes. No shortage of style on this day! Good thing she's married now, otherwise I just might steal her away! I love a girl with good taste!

Garden Party Look: Green dress, Jacob; Hat, H&M; Brown canvas clutch, Gap; Sandals, Nine West

Reception: Me - Floral dress, Club Monaco; Belt, The Bay; Mules, Guess
BF - Suit, Kenneth Cole; Shoes, Rockport

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