August 17, 2009

Lost [And Found] Sunglasses

Remember my post about buying sunglasses at cheap prices only? Well the inevitable has happened! I lost my sunglasses! To make matters worse, I lost not one pair but 2 of them - My favorite gray 80's style [H&M, $7] and my Mod-style burgundy squarish pair from my last trip to NYC [Ann Taylor Loft, $18].

Here's the story: The first couple of days I was using my Ray-Ban imitations [H&M, $12] and didn't notice the missing eyewear. As the week wore on, I was finally switching to another pair, only to realize that my storing basket was quite low. An inventory count reported the loss of 2 shades! Rummaging through my bag was a fruitless effort. And they were nowhere in sight in the condo.

I had given up ever finding them and even theorized that the gray pair may be at my parents'. Finally, on Saturday I went to do groceries. And while looking for papers that I stored in the side compartment of the car door, the Ann Taylor pair emerged! Apparently BF put them there last time he was in the passenger seat! Don't really get how that's a place for them but I am very happy to be reunited with them! They're so posh!

Now all that's left to do is going to my parents' in hopes that I'll find the gray ones.

Have you seen them??

This whole episode has taught me that I should never buy expensive sunglasses. No matter how pretty they are. I'm just too careless and the chances of loss is too great! And the only reason why I wasn't too stressed about locating them was because I'm all for quantity over quality! :D

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