August 21, 2009

Colourful Jewelry ♥

What a week this has been! I fell in love with pretty things left and right. Everywhere I turned I saw something pretty!

Allow me to introduce Kara Ross, jewelry designer. Reading her interview on her website has made me dream about how differently my life would have turned out if I had pursued a career like hers. Coming out of my reveries, I realized that fortunately for me, I love my life as it is and wouldn't change a thing!

And so I dream about going to NYC and acquiring this ring:

Gold 2 Petal Flower Ring with Amethyst and Purple Python

Kara Ross is a genius with a keen eye for colour. Most of her jewelry are statement pieces. If you want to bring some punch to your outfit, anything that she designs will fit the bill.

Look at those colours!! These bracelets make me salivate!

I must confess that I have been in a semi-crappy mood for a couple of days. And the only thing that made me smile was keeping the page of the flower ring open and going back to admire it every half hour. The dream of it sliding on my finger was enough to slightly lift the corners of my mouth.

What can I say? I like pretty, colourful, and shiny things! :D

As for the other pretty things mentioned in the first paragraph, please stay tuned!

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