August 05, 2009

Outlet Shopping

Would you shop at an outlet?

I must confess. Although I love scoring excellent items for slashed prices and adore a bargain, I have only been to an outlet once in my life. My saving grace is that at least it was at the famous Woodbury Outlet in NY state.

Unfortunately, I was too young and broke to take advantage of the shopping opportunity. I remember that I bought one single thing and it was a gray drawstring dress shirt at Club Monaco. At $50, it was an expensive splurge for the student with a summer job.

As previously discussed, I am planning to spend time [and money] in NY in the month of November. To my delight, I found out about the Coach store at Shopping Dreamland A.K.A. Woodbury Outlet!

Shopaholic Sister and I agree that it's for the best that we don't go together. We would simply cause too much collateral damage! :P

And so with next to zero Outlet experience, I wonder how good the shopping is going to be. Will I leave the zone laughing like a fashionista gone mad? Or will I shake my head in disappointment because the stores will only sell leftover merchandise? Will the discounted prices save my bank account? Or will it only serve to finance my other purchases?

In any case, I have the addresses to the flagship stores in Manhattan as Plan B.

Tell me about your best [and worst] outlet experience!

[Shopping Account : $100]

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