August 16, 2009

Preserving Fine Herbs

I've been meaning to share this trick that I use for preserving fine herb in the fridge. Foodies like their herbs fresh and handily available when inspirations strikes.

After reading about Joey's predicament about her cilantro going bad a couple of days after making Crab Creviche, here's what I should have advised her:

Before storing the herbs in the fridge, place half of a paper towel in the plastic bag. It will help regulate the humidity. Change every 5 days.

I like it fresh!

Paper Towel Technique

I do this for my favored shallots and sometimes I can extend their refrigerated life up to 3 weeks! It works for lettuces and spinach too! For boxed salads, empty the box and place the halved paper towel on bottom and refill with leaves.

I hope that this trick will help Joey make me more Crab Creviche! :P


  1. Just read this somewhere else, I should start doing it! lol

  2. I already do this with nappa cabbage, don't know why i didn't think of doing that for cilantro and shallots.


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