August 13, 2009

Sky-High Heels and Posture

Believe it or not, 4-inch heels have improved my posture, and flats make me slouch!

Contrary to what most health studies have concluded, high heels are not bad for me. I normally wear flats to commute and change into towering heels at work. That way, my legs are never over tired and I get to protect my cute footwear.

This week, I have alternated my 2.5-inch sandals and flats for 3 days. And the results? My back is killing me! I even noticed that I was hunched forward!

Are flats so comfortable that even our spine gets lazy?

It's quite a conundrum! After 2 days of regular stretching exercises and slipping back into my cherished heels, my back is straightening and the pain is subsiding.

Flats may be comfy and help me charge at high speed to catch a bus in the morning, but they make most people waddle like they have duck feet! I have been practicing to walk gracefully in flats. I hope it worked! :)

"Heels or flats? Heels! I can't concentrate in flats." --Victoria Beckham

The woman's right, you know! In my case anyway!

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  1. I agree with you. When i wear my flats, my feet hurt. I can wear heels all day and my feet won't hurt. I read an article that wearing flats (ballerinas, flip flops, gladiators) is actually bad for your back.
    I love my heels :)


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