August 11, 2009

Temptation Strikes!

The culprit: A [non-designer] leather handbag at Ecco.

It all started innocently enough. I was looking for flat shoes to replace the worn out 2-year-old pair I had on my feet. The soles are cracked and some pieces of the heels are even missing. I wore them on my road trip in the Rocky Mountains [not during hikes] and toted them with me on various trips out of town. So to summarize everything, I totally love them!

So much that no other pair of flats have come even close to making a suitable replacement. You guessed right, I didn't make any acquisitions.

And so while I had time to kill before my date with my very busy friend, who I shall call Cinema Chick, I decided to window shop all the shoe stores in the 3-block area.

I wandered into Ecco thinking, "Don't they sell unfashionable footwear to old fogies? " and just shrugged. To my surprise, their old fogies shoes, albeit not too flashy, are high quality and classic. And that's when it caught my eye.

Ecco Evolene City Bag

The saleslady, like the devil my shoulder, informed me that the satchel is half off the original price. (The website offers no rebate and the regular price is more expensive than in stores.) That means it's not even in the 3-digit zone! And it's genuine leather! I swung it on my shoulder and bit my lip as I gazed at it lovingly in the mirror.

Before the lady could whisper more seducing words, I ran out of the store and reached Ogilvy, in a near hyperventilating state, at the end of the block. I made a bee-line to the Marc Jacobs bags and knew I made the right decision to make my hasty retreat. I fell in love with another Marc bag, but in terms of couture and loveliness, this design KOs the Ecco!

Marc by Marc Jacob Classic Q [I like it black]

So the lesson was: When temptation strikes and you don't remember your Focus Approach, cure it by running to window-shop uber-expensive stuff!

[Shopping Account : $150]

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