August 25, 2009

Website: Discount Designer Clothes

Sorry for the delay! I am in the process of completing a Food Note [which I wanted to publish before anything else about fashion], but it's taking more time than anticipated. So I'm going to skip ahead and post a Fashion Note instead.

So busy lately. Actually I was busy drooling over discounted Louboutin heels. Yeah, you heard me. Discounted!

Chrisitian Louboutin Satin Pumps
60% off and sold out

I'm actually kind of sad that there are no more of these. Quantities are limited and they go super fast! The prices are still quite high (but considered low for the famous brand). However with the discounted prices, my dreams of owning a pair as a trophy in my closet begin to look almost tangible.

As lovely as they are, I have only dared once to try on a pair of red-soled babies. And that pair cost as much as my bedroom set! Yikes!

And since my discovery of this website, I have been doing a lot of worshiping.

Last week I spotted a DKNY dress for $45!!! They sold out in 5 secs. Rats!

This week they have stocked Jimmy Choos. If you're a fan, head on over and try to snag a pair!

As for me, I'm waiting for them to have Kara Ross jewelry. ;)

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