August 18, 2009

Wow! My Style is In Style!

According to my fave magazine, Glamour, sweaters are in. And lucky for me, sweaters and cardigans have been my closet staple for x-number of years.

This trend will be easy to follow - I already own everything!

Since it's difficult for me to find a good fitting blazer, I have always navigated towards the soft and supple cardies. Not only are they flattering, feminine, and comfortable, they are much softer on the wallet.

I wear them over everything and have them in tons of different colours. Some of them I wear all year long and are getting pretty worn out. Yep, I just love them! ♥

I wish all my stylish moments can make me feel as fashion forward as I do now!! :)

Just today, I was considering a black cozy cardigan at Zara like the blue one in the picture. It's not really an expense since I will be using a gift certificate that I received for Xmas. [Thanks, Bro!] I think I'll go pick it up tomorrow. Yes, yes, I know! Why have I waited all these months before spending the certificate? I didn't want to buy something just because. It should be like all my other purchases; I have to love, love, love them before making the acquisition.

[Shopping Account: $200]

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