September 28, 2009

Acquisition: Tweed Dress

Another day [week] in shopping adventure!

About a year ago, I was ecstatic to discover that Forever 21 was opening a store in Montreal finally. This used to be [still is] a sure-stop store whenever I was in NYC. How can my shopaholic side resist those prices?

And now we have one of our own!

Unfortunately the lineups to the cashier counter are insane! I went back 3 times in one week to relocate my dress, queue to pay, and only to abort because I ran out of time during my lunch hour.

My latest baby!

Finally I tasted success Friday after work. Surviving the extra long line in a uber-packed store gave me a pounding headache. But so worth it! I've been meaning to publish a Fall Fashion Wish List but needed more time to locate pictures. A tweed dress was on the list [and I had my eye on a Banana one that would have cost 8 times the price] and has now been happily been crossed off.

[Shopping account: $275]

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