September 17, 2009

Damage Report : Banana 40% Off Sale

Damages: Extensive

The "Secret Sale" turned out not to be so secret after all. To quote the girl standing behind me at the [mega] cashier line up, "It's a zoo here!"

I finally snapped up that career-nutritious blazer I was eyeing... Plus a pair of pants. Yeah I got the whole suit.

Banana Republic - Lightweight Wool Blazer

As I waited for my turn, I rationalized that I could always return it if I regretted my purchase and that it was an investment. So rare that I could find one that fit so beautifully! ♥

I must confess that my hands were shaking as I handed over the credit card. Even with the rebate, the total was scary! As Shopaholic Sister pointed out, you know you bought something big when they give you a garment bag.

This is my first suit and, as I modeled it in front of BF, I fell completely in love with it. I suddenly felt like my confidence has boosted up 10 points!

So yes, I'm keeping it! Can't be happier!

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