October 01, 2009

Fashion Blunder: Pantyhose

Bye bye, warm weather.

If you recall, my favorite thing[s] about summer is[are] wearing skirts [and sandals, dresses, etc.]. Now that the chill has started to set in, is it time to retire skirts until the daisies have popped out of the ground once more?

No! This is when I say Hello! to pantyhose and tights.

To tell the truth, I dislike wearing them because of the waistband that dig into your flesh. Even if you don't have any tummy fat, you suddenly have love-handles! How unsightly!

It's worse when it's "tummy control". The top part is made so tight that any fat you have is pushed to places you never imagined possible!

And so I decided to try stay-up hose.

These made me feel really sexy... And cold. My mistake was wearing them on a windy day with highs of 9C... Yeah, I felt a draft. >_< Oh no!!

Next time I'm trying the Calvin Klein No Waistband Hose. Maybe that will solve my problem. Stay tuned for a review!

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