September 25, 2009

Girl Date

Do you flirt with your GFs?

Sometimes I find myself dressing extra nice when I'm going out on a girl date. I take care to be polished and sexy.

I remember when I went on dates with guys, I made sure I wasn't too sexy! I didn't want them to think I was easy or slutty. I wanted them to like me for my personality and my sense of humour. Most of them ended up as buddies, since that's how I treated them! LOL

As with my girlfriends, I've flaunted my décolté and batted my eyeleashes, all in the name of a little game called seduction. Most of them are married or engaged now, but the flirting game is still fun and interesting.

Thursday I went out for mussels with my newlywed friend VK. As usual, she anticipated seeing my outfit I chose just for her.

Couldn't wait for my date after work

Joey would contradict, but I wonder... Since I was too shy to flirt with boys maybe I make up for it by having little fun and court on safer grounds, with my cute and straight girlfriends.

They flirt back and we harmlessly make each other feel gorgeous. No harm in that. :)

Girl Date Outfit: Brown tube top, Old Navy; cardigan, H&M; pants, Banana Republic Martin Cut; shoes, Zara; necklace, H&M

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