September 23, 2009

Sun, Rain, Winds (Three Seasons in One Day!)

Rain, rain, go away..

What do you pretty ladies wear when it's wet out?

There is an alarming yucky trend of wearing wellies (a.k.a. rubber rain boots) during rainy days going on for a year now. Even designer brands like Michael Kors and Juicy Couture are catching ons! And their creations are not cheap [or pretty].

My coworker has a pink pair of this model

Myself, in summer or early fall rain, I prefer to wear a skirt and my cheap-o Payless shoes. Which reminds me to make a note-to-self to buy a new pair soon. These are 3 years old. The total cost spent on heel repairs surpass the purchase price. And as closing argument, they are also squeaking when I walk! You'll hear me coming before you can see me!

Wear a skirt!
It's easier to dry your legs than your pants when they get wet from the rain!

I added these after the pic was taken.

I like to wear colour when it's rainy or cloudy outside. It cheers me up! :D
Don't be gloomy like the weather! Wear colour!

Rain outfit: Yellow t-shirt, Club Monaco; skirt, Jacob; cardigan, L'officiel; kitten heels, Payless; umbrella, H&M
Jewelery: Earrings and necklace, H&M

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