October 08, 2009

1959 vs. 2009

Last night I went to the theater. The story was about how families dealt with taboo problems 50 years ago versus 2009.

It was interesting. And in spite of the over-acting and screaming employed to punctuate the passion and emotions, I was staring at the 1959 woman's outfit.

Fragments de mensonges inutiles

I wanted to have same look! The dress, the jacket, the heels, the handbag, and the leather gloves. It was like she popped out of the Banana website. Totally love it!

In contrast, the "modern" look on the 2009 woman seemed outdated to me. The beige pantsuit matronly screamed Boring!

After 50 years, the old fashioned style is reborn and chicer than ever! Two years ago, I said that pearls were too old of a look for me. And now I'm scouring the stores for the costume jewelry version of the real thing.

If in the past couple of years, there has been no prominent trend in the fashion world and that the 50's are back, does that mean the door for stylish looks is opened wider than ever?

Chanel 2.55 purses can now be worn with dark jeans and leather jackets! (My cousin Jess's signature look)

Forever21 $23 tweed dress can be worn with $275 Via Spiga patent leather heels. (My Wednesday look. And I bought the shoes last year at 85% off, I kid you not!!)

The possibilities are positively endless! Ooh, be still my heart!

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