October 30, 2009

Bday Gift

Do you buy yourself a birthday gift? I do! The last 3 years, my very own bday present has been a pair of shoes. And although none of these times were planned purchases, it has become a trend.

Here's the story - 3 years ago, my coworker Ra made me a bday sign in front of my cubicle door, with a picture of red shoes. That lunch break, I came back shopping with a pair of red heels. I had gone browsing with no intention of buying or even looking for red footwear. Complete serendipity!

Last year I bought blue suede heels from NYC. Granted I didn't go to NYC on the day of my bday, but my gift that year was the trip to the Big Apple. So it still counts!

And this year, I was chatting with the mother of my future godchild while browsing at Urban Outfitters. And I found these one the sales rack:

Report Ankle Boot at 60% off!

I'm already thinking up a storm of outfits that these babies could jazz up!

So tell me, what's the biggest gift you ever got yourself?

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  1. i like a lady in leather boots and handbag, makes them look sexy....


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