October 05, 2009

Fall Footwear

Yes, yes, I know! Another pair of shoes??

Good news is I didn't buy a pair yet. I'm just contemplating the possibility.

I have discovered yet another pair of worn out [and squeaking] shoes. I'm embarassed to walk with them when they make noise and tip-toed around all day. [Tah is starting to think that it's pretty pathetic. LOL Thanks for encouraging me to spend, Tah!]

Last week's chill and rain were not very friendly to my feet in little kitten heel pointy shoes. Because the top of my feet are exposed, water got in my shoe. Maybe those rubber rain boots are not such a bad idea after all… Hah! Just kidding!

My proposed solution is ankle shoes or little booties.

Nine West Oxfords (Truly beautiful!)

Anthropologie Ankle Booties (If only they came in black.)

Steve Madden Booties

My feet are feeling warmer already!

Before I make the jump, I'm lucky enough to have shoe maniac mom who bought me 5 pairs of boots from Hong Kong a few years ago. They're made of pleather and perfect for repelling rain! My mom goes on shoe binges once in a while and have come home once with 7 pairs of shoes from a 85% off end-of-season sale!! Way a go, Mom!

In ways, I'm truly a lucky gal! My Dad, like most male partners, complains like crazy when my Mom comes home with more boxes of shoes. My BF, on the other hand, wants to make sure I have anough space in the closet for them. And if I run out of space, he'll create more. He's the best!!! ♥♥♥

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