October 14, 2009

Fall - Wish List

I'm a little late in publishing my Fall wish list but here it is. Some of the items have already been checked off. :)

1) Wool Dress [In a very versatile charcoal gray so I can wear it anything.]

Banana Republic Wool Dress

2) Blazer [Done! Got the Banana one. Love!]

3) Dress pants [Also done! Got pants with the blazer.]

4) Shift dress [I'm wondering if the Forever 21 tweed dress has fulfilled this item... I love dresses, since they combine a top and a skirt all in one. Total no-brainer dressing in the morning!]

5) Boots [I've been shopping since last thaw for good casual walking boots. Every year I fall for the chic ones and end up with none that are practical. And of course, last week I got distracted by oxfords and booties! Tomorrow, if I have time during lunch these will be worth a look.]

5) Cardigan [Got this already - Best cheapie find in a long time! Sorry no picture!]

[Shopping Account: $325]

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