October 20, 2009

Score: Patent Clutch

Last night, I met with my cousin Jess (the designer handbag collector) and my family for my dad's bday. And she showed me her latest addition to her collection: A knockout Michael Kors ivory satchel.

I must confess, her collection of LV and Chanel arm candies really makes me envious sometimes. But then again, she's the luckiest trendy gal with a most generous BF.

As for me, I am the luckiest gal with an talent for smoking out a bargain. Now, say hello to my latest arm candy.

Forever 21 Black Patent Clutch - Only $4.99!

Despite my love for fashion and style, I don't own any designer bags. In fact, I'm not sure I own a single leather handbag. Hmm, I better check later. I don't know the feeling of flashing a handbag equivalent of a 2-carat bling. But! I love my bargain bags. And I completely love the feeling of carrying my latest super deal.

What's the best cheapie you ever bought?

[Shopping Account: $375]

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