November 27, 2009

Beauty News: Prescriptives Discontinued

This was one of the low points of my whole trip.

I entered Saks Fifth Avenue and I was enthralled by the gazillion makeup counters and the designer handbag boutiques that lined the outer walls of the main floor.

It was like Holts 10 times better!!

With my eyes sparkling like a kid on Xmas morning, I ventured further into the store. I couldn't see the Prescriptives counter anywhere. Finally a saleslady approached to offer help. She informed me that the brand is being discontinued and has been dropped by the store a couple of years ago.


Why would Estée Lauder drop their cult skin care line?

I absolutely love this stuff. It saved my skin n times already. The company will stop marketing efforts in January 2010, and the stores will continue selling until stock runs out.

I'm stocking up!!

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