November 12, 2009

Old is New

How do you feel about trends going full circle?

I've been watching the plaid trend for a while now and I'm undecided whether to join the fun or sit it out.

Not that I dislike a good tartan - in fact, I love it!

Love the red + slim pants

I wore this trend back in high school. [And BF's wardrobe is 20% plaid.] I must have owned 4 tartans shirts and wore a hole into at least one of them! Yeah, I loved those shirts.

I was having qualms about recycling a style I already rocked over a decade ago, but you know what? I'm going to have a little fun. That's what fashion is all about! I'm crossing my fingers that I'd find a non-expensive one in NYC.

Jimmy Choo in 2 days, ladies! I'll give you an account of the damage later. ;)

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