November 17, 2009

Post-Battle Jimmy Choo

I'm sorry I'm a little late in introducing my new baby. I've been quite busy. In 3 days, I celebrated 4 bdays (mine included) and the birth of my goddaughter. But before all that happened, I went to war with 350 Montreal fashionistas for Jimmy Choo.

Now allow me to introduce my new baby:

It's a studded beauty!

I'm completely in love!

Yes, I know - This was not my original target. The original bag that I posted was actually my 2nd choice. I gave up on this one because I thought it was $299 and it wasn't in the pre-sale window display. I only saw my 2nd choice and thought it was very pretty... And I wasn't the only one who thought so. When it was my turn to enter the Choo Zone, #2 was already sold out.

It was fine by me, since this one caught my eye the second I stepped in H&M. And to my delightful surprise, it wasn't priced what I originally thought it did. And utterly more stunning in my hand than the website pictures suggested.

For the record, I lined up outside at 8:45 AM and I was #250. The 160 bracelets were already all gone. Not being in the crazy super early bird team, I waited 3 hours for my turn to enter the Choo Zone. I must confess, the shoes momentarily distracted me from my ultimate goal [the handbag].

This was my first early-bird sale. Will I do it again should another designer have a special partnership with H&M? If you asked my right after I left the store around noon, I'd have said no. Too crazy. But I wouldn't completely write it off. Who knows, maybe Christian Louboutin would want to bless my footsies one day?

One can certainly dream...


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