December 01, 2009

NYC 2009 - Part 2

I'm proud [and regretful] that I didn't spend a lot of money shopping in the Big Apple. I paid my credit card bill on Sunday and was actually surprised by the amount. It was unexpectedly small...

I should have went more shopaholic!!!

Day 2:

We walked through Times Square around 5 times for various reasons: walking off breakfast, M&M Store, Hershey Store, looking for a place for supper, killing time before going on Letterman.

Yeah! We went on Letterman and saw Nathalie Portman and Adam Lambert. I adored Nathalie's whole outfit! Even from far, I recognized the purple Louboutin embellishing her footsies. Unfortunately taking photos were prohibited, but I found a clip for you.

Adam Lambert was actually really good live. Even though I preferred his final opponent Kris Allen by far, I quite enjoyed his performance. He had a lot of energy and stage presence. I only wish he wore less eyeliner.

Here's the story how we scored the tickets. On Sunday [Day1], we passed by the closed Late Show studio on Broadway on our way back to the hotel after a yummy dinner at Iroha, an authentic Japanese Restaurant. I said to BF that I would love to be on that show.

The next day on our way back after walking off the croissants, the studio was open and a sign pointed the way too free tickets for the show. We lined up, filled out a form, passed a small screening interview, and were called on our cell phone around lunch time that we were selected to be in the audience. It was awesome!

Shopping-wise, I bought my favorite mint Hershey kisses that are only available for Xmas, a red cardigan at Loft Ann Taylor, and a couple of things at Sephora. That's all...

Hey, I wanted to start slow! ^_^

Wait till you hear about Day 3 on 5th Avenue!

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