December 10, 2009

NYC - Part 3

What's my favorite thing about NYC? Shopping, of course! And I save the best for last.

I had made a whole list of places to see and stores to set foot in [even if I didn't plan on buying anything], and a wish list [so I won't overspend].

I didn't even do half of what's on my intend-to-do list. Hah! I just love a city where there are always a million things to see, a hundred

Marc Jacobs, Bergdorf Goodman, Kara Ross, Blomingdales... See you next year?

On Day 3, I spent all day on 5th Avenue. I started on 59th Street, turned back on the 13th St. and went back to the hotel on foot with all my purchases. I have to say that I got a very good workout. I told myself that with all the exercise I got I can eat all the junk food I wanted. Bring on the hamburgers and the fries! Finally I had spaghetti and meatballs. LOL It was delicious!

I passed by 57th just to walk in front of the Haute Couture designers. I originally wanted to wander in and browse, but I was intimidated by the lack of clients in the establishments and was satisfied by just peeking through the windows. BF pointed out some very cute handbags at Dior. I think he's starting to understand my style now. He's managed to show me some exquisite and stylish footwear.

BF picked out this one! Very stylish, but it scraped my ankles... Nuts!

Having tons of fun trying out everything in the store!
See those boxes in the background?

That was my mess!

Bought these! I've been ogling a similar pair at Steve Madden for 10 months now.
Even the salesperson knows me now! LOL

And these too! I can't wait for their grand debut!

I can imagine them with pencil skirts, skinny jeans, almost everything!!

Stay tuned for the last part of my trip: Uniqlo!

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