December 11, 2009

Visa Perks

I'm not Christian, but I love Xmas! I simply adore the whole giving concept.

I'm not very good with words when it comes to emotional things. I have a hard time telling people I love them. So Xmas is the perfect excuse to spoil my loved ones and slip the message that they're in my heart.

Yes, sometimes I give people the impression that I'm cold and aloof. Meh! What can you do?

And so I'm having a very inspired time thinking up presents for my family (and not blogging... Sorry!).

Here's what I discovered while idea-shopping online: Visa Perks!

The sites gives you online codes for rebates on tons of stuff, like 50% off at the Fairmont, 35% off Adidas online purchases, 15% off Victoria Secrets.

That last one is very tempting... ;)

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