December 21, 2009

Xmas No-No's

Ok, I'm going to have fun with this post. :D

Here's a small list of things that I deem unworthy to be given as Xmas gift [some apply strongly to female givees].
  • Anything cooking related: Unless specifically requested, most girls would hate receiving kitchenware. Have I ever told you about the cookbook I received for my bday one year? Now I use sometimes, but when I received it I wasn't sure how to give it back!
  • Xmas-themed clothes: What is the recipient supposed to do with a reindeer ornated sweater [or Santa socks or Xmas tree anything] that is out-of-style as the clock strikes midnight and it's Boxing Day? The stuff is only good 4-5 days before the 25th.

See Kris Allen with ugly Xmas Sweater on David Letterman! :D
  • "Don't give anything to a love interest that can be given to a parent." Read this in a British magazine. So true.
  • Be a brand snob and don't go cheap. Go for lite luxuries instead. If you can't affort anything Chanel, get them Chanel makeup! It's only 1% the price of a 255 Chanel bag! Just the logo will make the givee feel exceptionally spoiled.

Chanel Bag vs. Chanel Makeup
A girl doesn't mind receiving either!

That being said, I can announce that I have applied all of these rules this year. My bank account is suffering, but I can't wait to cash in on the smiles my loved-ones will exhibit once they see what I have in store for them!

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