January 20, 2010

Fashion Diary

I know, I know. I'm not posting quite enough... Been a bit busy at work and when I get home, I just don't feel like being in front of the computer.

I have good news however. I plan on making a fashion diary. Everyday, for the past few days, I have been taking pix of my outfits. Perhaps if I can get around to posting them, I can make everyone happy.

And, to not waste a good blog post, here are some sweets for you: Designer pasties!

Fashion that's good enough to eat!

If ever, you are in London having afternoon tea, do stop at the very posh and chic Berkeley Hotel. Mind you, the snack at the tea salon is not cheap! The Fairmont charges quite a fee for the treat, although not as fashionable!

I'd like to say, "This afternoon I nibbled on a Hermes bag." LOL
Or, "My Louboutins were simply scrumptious, dahling!"

Ah London, wait for me! I will definitely visit you one day!

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