January 07, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all health and happiness! May 2010 best 2009!

I had a fantastic holiday! So many parties and so much yummy food [a lot of it of my own making]!

I have been exceedingly spoiled this year. BF and my family have given me extraordinary gifts! Made me wonder if I had been such a good girl this year! ;)

The gift I'm showing off today was given from me to moi. Remember my whole handbag obsession back in July? One of my favorites I was to acquire during my NYC trip was the chocolate Cole Haan Saddlebox satchel.

It's my baby now!

Snapped up the last one at Ogilvy on their first day of sales.
[Didn't even know there was going to be 50% off promo! Lucky me!]

After canceling the trip to the outlets, I had decided to wait next year before adopting a precious. And it looks like some things are just destined to be. ♥

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