February 08, 2010

Introducing My Walk-In Closet

One of my favorite places in my condo is the walk-in closet. Not only did BF let me design it, he did most of the work renovating it! [Did I ever tell you how great he is?]

In today's special edition, I will give you an inside look inside my closet. :)

The Before Look [My side of the closet]

When we look at the Before pix, we can't believe we used to live like that!

The original closet was in a U-shape, and BF had the left side and the back wall! The guy has so many clothes! And a lot of it, he doesn't wear anymore. Maybe I should get him to apply the One-Item-In-One-Item-Out rule.

The biggest problem was finding a temporary place for clothes! It was a 2-day project.

After removing the original hanging unit, we plugged the holes.

And installed wallpaper in the back wall!
Yes, this has been a longtime dream and it's coming true!

There are 2 levels of storage now

No more rack on the back wall.
It created wasted space in both far corners of the closet and made the whole room look small.

Added in a new dresser for knits, t-shirts, and lingerie.
Oh I forgot to mention the chandelier, the mirror, and the carpet! ♥♥♥

The After look

Sometimes I find BF standing in the closet and just admiring it. He's so cute sometimes! And quite honestly, getting dressed in the morning just turned 10 times better!


  1. That's amazing! It looks fantastic! :D Love everything about it!

  2. WOW!!!! ok, I will invite you as soon as I find my new appartment!!! it's sooooo cute!

  3. Wow Wynnie, very nice. Like your blog too :)


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