January 23, 2010

Mad Men Love!

I must confess: I love the costumes of Mad Men. And this is my tribute to Janie Bryant, who hand makes all of the outfits seen in the award-winning series.

I drool over the stunning designs.

Where can I get one of these fushia dream dresses?

My eyes are on the green jewel in this pic

Back in October, I shared my love for fashion back in the 1950's. And since I just started watching Mad Men Season 1, I discover that maybe I have found my latest fashion obsession.

Back a couple of months ago, even Banana Republic caught on the 40-50's fashion comeback. I was too broke [and going through the Handbag Savings Experiment] to snap up this rich purple form-fitting dress... Luckily Shopaholic Sister got a gray one from the same collection. I still have a chance to gaze on the frock and continue dreaming.

Maybe one day I'll create my own dresses instead of just admiring... Now there's a thought.

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