January 15, 2010

NYC: Part 4 [Finally!]

Welcome to the final installment of my NYC trip.

So what to I love about NYC? Central Park, the diversity of people, the tall buildings, the fashion, and of course the shopping!

On the 4th day, I finally made it to SOHO, after a visit to my cousins' new store location. If you ever need Japanese shoji doors in NYC, I can hook you up. :)

SOHO has a whole different vibe than 5th Avenue. The shoppers are younger, trendier, and just plain more stylish. No one wears Haute Couture, but they're so fashion-forward! My eyes had such a treat in this neighborhood! Unfortunately not enough time to visit all the shops.

Mostly because I got lost in the biggest Victoria's Secret I've even seen! While I was trying on bras in their plush and enormous fitting rooms, BF chatted with a [gay] sales guy. He found out that the VS store was only 2-3 days old. Hence the mob of people.

Next, I finally made it to UNIQLO! If someone took a pic of me while I entered the store, I'm convinced that my eyes were sparkling! UNIQLO is Japanese Gap, but with a wider range of colours and more affordable.

Uniqlo Heat Tech Collection

There are 3 floors in the shop, but I had to try on jeans. Looking for my size was quite a challenge. Good thing the salesrep was super nice and helpful. I'm officially that I acquired 2 pairs of skinny straight leg jeans [gray and black], leggings [which turned out quite useful under my pants on days when the temperature drops to -15C], 2 tank tops, and a purple 3/4 sleeves t-shirt.

Money spent? Less then $100. No joke.

Unfortunately it was the day before Thanksgivings and Uniqlo was already ypacked with customers. The lines for the fitting rooms and for the cash were extra long. In the end, I only had time to see the main floor.

Don't worry, this only gives me more reason to return to NYC! ;)

Top Shop was only a block away, but I was dehydrated and skipped lunch. So I didn't see the popular Brit fashion central.

Kate Moss's collection is sold here

All in all, the 4th day was the most memorable. Each time I'm in town, I try to show more of Manhattan to BF. And he's been fantasizing about owning condo there.... Yeah, keep dreaming! As my cousin puts it, if we lived in NYC, we wouldn't have enough $ to go shopping. Just the apartment would suck our bank account dry.

Next time, I'm probably going to stop by in summer. I normally try to avoid the sultry heat, but if NYC cousin suggests it, I'll take her word for it.

So all in all, I didn't spend all the money I saved up for this trip... Which helped finance the Cole Haan bag. :) And I can't wait to do it all over again!

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