February 19, 2010

Note-Worthy: The September Issue

Fellow fashionistas, I confess that I watched The Devil Wears Prada numerous times just for the clothes. The storyline wasn't Oscar-material and, as usual, the book was better.

Last night I watched The September Issue and saw the real "Devil" in action. She is the sensational editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour.

It's a documentary on how they put together the year's biggest issue: the September 2007 issue. As cold and unapproachable she is, I totally worship her now! [I'm even a fan of hers on Facebook!]

The woman is the most influential person in the whole North American fashion industry. What she puts in the magazine becomes the next trend. In every way, I believe that my sense of style was shaped by her visions. She brought Thakoon to popularity, and now have first lady Michelle Obama wearing his label. She brought Mango to our continent.

It's funny in a way watching how they were deciding who should collaborate with Mango 2 years ago, when I know now that Penelope and Monica Cruz snagged the job.

We also saw Sienna Miller and her sister Savanna perched on the brink of their debut as designers.

The best were the photos taken for that issue. I've seen them! Even though I never read a single issue of Vogue, I think I must have flipped through this particular issue 2 years ago.

It was kind of like watching "How It's Made" but much better! Watching photo shoots and how the stylists put together outfits for Anna to approve was positively enlightening! They were a team of geniuses!

I don't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a documentary!

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