March 14, 2010

Food Note: Coconut Macaroons

One of the coolest Xmas gifts I received this year was a cookie recipe book from my cousin A. After fulfilling BF's requests for pies and ginger spice cookies, I could finally indulge in some new cookie ideas.

The first recipe that caught my eye was the Jumbo Black Bottom Coconut Macaroons.

Looks delicious, right?

This was one of the most troublesome recipes I ever made! The macaroons were made in 2 steps: baking and chocolate-dipping.

Everything was fine until I reached the post-baking stage and tried to remove the sweets from the cookie sheet. They were super-glued to it! I destroyed a few with my spatula and only 2 stayed intact... Until the chocolate dipping step! One of them fell apart in the sweet dark stuff. Death by chocolate, what a way to go!

So here is the only one that managed to look like the picture.

The sole survivor

So what happened to the crumbled ones? Of course I didn't toss them! They rolled in the dark stuff and turned into super yummy chocolate balls!

Improved recipe [no delicate operation needed]:
The Coconut Caramel Chocolate Balls

For what its worth, the macaroons were a waste of time. But the choco-balls were amazing!


  1. Wasn't a cookbook one the things on your list of "not buy a girl for christmas"?

  2. Yeah, but it came from a girl, so it's fine. A GUY shouldn't buy a love interest a cook book.


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