March 03, 2010

Purchases: Gap Sale

Reporting my recent acquisitions at the big Gap sale. Remember? I spent a measly $70? Here's what I have for show-and-tell:

"Killer Tomato" canvas tote bag - I debated while waiting in line for 20 mins whether to take the gray and purple bag or this one. "Killer Tomato" gave me a warm summer feeling. Also it was already on sale but didn't have a sticker, so I was pleasantly surprised that I got a rebate on top of a rebate! Score!! :D

Grape-coloured cashmere-blend cardigan + white embroiled loose sleeveless top: Not sure about the cardi anymore. It's a bit loose fitting on me... Maybe I can work it with a belt? What do you think?

Peachy-pink ruffle top: Love it! It's romantic. It's vibrant. It's spring!!

There you have it. Did I go into ultimate shopaholic-mode? Maybe a just a tad... I can't wait to show them off in real life!

This is Wynn signing out.

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