April 09, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, and Converse!

The trouble with spring is getting stuff for the new season. I normally store off-season stuff away and switch when the time is right. The real trouble is when I'm shopping and I haven't done inventory yet. LOL

I tend to navigate back to the looks that I love. I love strappy sandals. And I think this year, I'd like [maybe] a nude coloured pair. I don't own a pair of Michael Kors yet, I have been dreaming about these sandals:

And on the complete opposite spectrum of my style-scope, I also have been dreaming up a pair of super cute and comfy Converse! Awesome with jeans and never out of style!

I haven't made any purchases yet - Thanks to Shopoholic Sister's introduction to this online store zipia.net and this dress shop CaiCai, I haven't had much budget to have fun anywhere else! LOL

Thanks SS! My wardrobe is much cuter ever since! :D

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  1. hey! me too i've been wanting a pair of Converse shoes!!
    and i love the strappy sandals! :)


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