May 27, 2010

Vacation Plans and Sale Alert!

Sorry for being lazy!!! No posts for the whole month of May! Like I said, LAYYY-ZEEE!!!

I have a huge backlog of half-done posts but never got around to finishing them. Been super busy planning my trip to San Fran in the month of June. I'm only staying for 5 days, so I have a ton of research to do before I leave!

First few days, I'm going to be staying in SF's Japantown at Best Western's Hotel Tomo.

My friend dared me to steal the pillow for her! LOL

Then I'm off to wine country (AKA Sonoma-Napa Valley), where I'll be staying at another Japanese inspired hotel:

Very Zen!

I'm also planning on making a trip to the outlet mall an hour south of SF. I'm just hoping I can convince the BF to make the detour! They have Cole Haan, Coach, and Michael Kors!!! Remember my drooling over MK heels? This is my chance to make one of them mine!!

Before I sign off, here's the goodie I received in my email this morning! Lucky for me, I'm going shopping with Tah after work!

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