June 05, 2010

More Than Meets the Eye

My condo has it all - Walk-in closets (one for shoes and one for clothes), an enormous terrace, a fireplace, an office, a bedroom... It's only missing one thing: a guest room. For now, our family and friends who visit are welcome to spend the night on inflatable mattresses.

The trouble is we don't have an extra room. Now what if a room can do like a superhero and hide a secret identity? That's what my office can do if I incorporate the Resource Furniture system.

Office [or lounge] by day, guest room by night

I'm not talking about a wall of filing cabinets that pull down and turn into a bed like in those private eye films. Nothing so conventional. I'm talking about style and practicality, all rolled up in ingenious furniture designs. See for yourself!

Pretty neat, huh? It made me dream of playing Transformers with my home furniture! One day, my family and friends will be fighting for the top bunk in my office. ^_^

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