June 11, 2010


I'm about to jet to California in the morning. But before I catch a few winks, I'll leave you with a small post. :) Trying not to be busy/lazy and actually blog!

A month ago, a friend of mine informed me that she's been to a [private] Guerlain warehouse sale. My enthusiastic high-pitched "Really??" was probably hear clear across the street, but you can understand my excitement. Guerlain at 50% off! Even at the border's duty-free stores their products are still expensive.

I was giddy with joy for weeks after she told me she'd bring me there at the end of the month of May. However my friend got ill and buying cosmetics were not on our list of priorities.

Then my boss got wind of a Clarins sale. And of course, I went.

Here's what I got:

Shoe not included

Scored a bottle of dark plum nail polish for $5, a shimmering dry oil from Nuxe Paris [an affiliate?], purple eyeliner [to replace my discontinued Stila Smudgepot], and a blue mascara.

They had tons of perfume, Burberry, Prada, Angel... But I needed to save up for my Californian trip. :)

DJ, play Katy Perry's California Gurls for me!

See you guys soon!

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