August 24, 2010

Computer Problem

I used to be a geek... Computer parts used to make me squeal with delight.

Today, the sight of 5-inch red-soled Louboutins will give me that effect.

The former geek in me is thinking, "How did I let my computer get to this?" My fashionista side replies, "Duh! Been busy shopping!"

So now my [8-year-old] computer is down, which I built myself back in the day. My IT friend thinks I can just reinstall... Which was my original plan, until the BF got into his own shopaholic character and showed me this:

Dell Inspiron Zino

Yes, I squealed with delight!

So now the question is, which is cuter? Red-soled 5-inch heels or red-topped 3.4-inch high mini computer? :)

We'll see how the repairs go. I'll keep you posted!

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