October 01, 2010

Summer & Fall Weddings

Hi everyone,

It's me. I'm terribly sorry for the lack of postings lately. To summarize my last 2 months: I have been really busy. It's wedding season and it's not over yet! In total, my presence is/was needed at 5 weddings. In actuality, I know of at least 8 couples who tied/will tie the knot this year.

And unfortunately, it has been very taxing to my bank account. I even did some frugal things, such as recycling dresses! I did however bought 2 dresses for these special occasions. With 5 wedding gifts, how could I afford to be self-indulgent? Not to worry, I still looked FAH-bulous!

My fave green dress [does it look familiar?]
Doesn't the bride look absolutely gorgeous? ♥

Ah, this strapless bubble dress is new. It's a Lipsy dress, chosen by the bride herself! :)

Here I am, at another wedding, my cousin Alice's.
And I'm wearing my ever favorite green beauty.
The bride likes it too! :)

Another favorite dress here. My silk Club Monaco fuchsia dress.
[I was so sick that day! My close-up pix looked awful!!]

This black and navy blue silk dress is also new. It's from Mexx.
I unfortunately had to wear stockings with it,

because I was sick for the 2nd time in a month.

Dear brides of 2010, you looked fantastic and I didn't have the heart [or the money] to upstage you! :P

And yes, I have been sick quite a lot lately... Therefore no blog postings. Not to mention I need to dig out my pictures from my external drive before I reinstalled my computer... So much work needs to be done! It's gonna be worth it!

Coming soon: My summer looks

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