October 03, 2010


Brrr! It's the fall season. And here's the big question:

Have you changed seasons in your wardrobe yet?

I finally did it. I put away my cute summer dresses and breezy skirts and brought out the tweed pants and the wool dresses.

I love changing seasons in my closet. Putting away out-of-season stuff into high storage places or to the back of the closet and bringing forth the in-season is like Xmas to me! After many months, I forget how much I loved some pieces and just rediscover how much I still love them!

And as for my shoe collection, I was very excited to see my ankle booties, my knee-high slouchy boots, that I bought on sale at Zara when they liquidated their Winter/Spring collection at the beginning of summer, and many pairs of closed-toe heels.

I'm excited just to thinking about getting dressed!

BTW I can't wait to see Manhattan in its autumn state! XD

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